Because Soil Matters

Connecting human practices to build healthy soils


Because Soil Matters

We make visible the life in soils

We analyse and map microbial components of soils, locally and large-scale

This lets us support farmers, governments, and individuals to take care of the very base of their life, their food, and their health


Historical Background

After the second world war, agriculture turned into an industrialised approach based on tillage, monocultures, and overuse of fertilizers and pesticides. This model has been damaging the organic matter and soil diversity on a global scale, making it less resilient to droughts, floods and plant pathogens.

We need a new soil operating system and a change towards regenerative farming practices. 


Our Approach

We know that humans need to “see it to believe it”.

We build on big advances of microbial & soil research of the last decades, all of which points in the same direction: Humanity is currently exploiting Earth’s soils on a tremendous scale and losing countless invaluable ecosystem services along the way.

Terrabiom makes visible the invisible: We analyse and map soil’s living organisms microbes, funghi, and the larger fauna. This allows us to visualize and valorize the invaluable work of farmers and anyone else working with soil.


Acting for Change

Terrabiom was developed out of the core idea of following the circular processes occurring in nature, where nothing is actually “waste”, but everything is bio-converted into being a resource for the next process.  

We support key stakeholders working with soil to accelerate a shift from a linear and industrial production towards a more circular and regenerative agriculture model. This is the only way we will be able to feed humanity in the long-term. Check our knowledge corner for more details.

You, too, can get involved - every action counts.


Today’s Actions
Tomorrow’s Environment

Because Our Actions Matter

The decisions which guide our actions of today are shaping our environment of tomorrow. The connections between what we do, and what this may cause in an ecosystem out of our sight are not always easy to recognize.

We need to take a step back, have a look at the big picture, recognize the processes and start acting for a positive impact.

At terrabiom, we know it is essential to make this connection from action to effect clearly visible. We can improve our behaviour and our impact only if we are aware of what we are causing.


Dedicated to community

Because We’re Better Together

Life on this planet functions in communities: Healthy ecosystems are made up of many different species living and working together, from very small to very big. Each species and individual is fulfilling their respective task, which all together result in a functioning and sustainable ecosystem.

At terrabiom, we know that this principle is also valid for humanity.

What we do is for the good of this planet's communities. It is based on previous work from other community members, and following our vision, will spread across the planet through the work of other community members.

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