Because Soil Matters

Improving the Health of Soils on Farms


Helping farmers and anyone working with soil to:

  • Evaluate their crop quality and pathogen risks

  • Track the use of agrochemicals & pesticides

  • Apply regenerative farming practices for better soil health


The soil quality problem

After the second world war, agriculture turned into an industrialised approach based on tillage, monocultures, and overuse of fertilisers & pesticides - in the name of “maximum caloric output to feed the world’s growing population”.

This model has been damaging the organic matter and soil diversity on a global scale, making it less resilient to droughts, floods and plant pathogens.


Our Approach

We know that humans need to “see it to believe it”.

Terrabiom makes visible the “invisible living majority”. We analyse and map soil’s living organisms big and small, such earthworms, bacteria and fungi.

This allows us to visualise, promote and predict the best farming activities for your local conditions, because we know how big the differences can be even within a small geographical area.


Acting for Change

We need new soil management approaches and a change towards regenerative farming practices. We support stakeholders working with soil to accelerate a shift from a linear production towards a more circular and regenerative agriculture model.

Would you like to contribute to this change and get involved ? We know that we’re stronger together.

Please contact us!


Today’s Actions
Tomorrow’s Environment

We help to create more living soils, healthier food, and happier people.