Our first mushrooms

The fall period with it’s cold and humid days is perfect for mushrooms, who spring out everywhere in the forests and fields in Switzerland. For terrabiom, fall 2018 came with the big step to move from our theoretical research to start our practical experiments.

Our well-planned preparation period included the research of a suitable space, the set-up of a low-tech, low-budget growth chamber to make our champignons feel (and grow) great, the acquisition of mushroom growing expertise as well as suitable mushroom substrate and lots of questioning whether we would be on the right track.

October 2018 finally saw us putting our system to the first test - would our humidifier work ? Would our temperature stay as low as we needed it to be? Would our CO2 management come through?

After a first few bugs, our “bébé-champis” started to grow like crazy, and we could watch them getting bigger and stronger by the day. A big harvesting week and a lot of champi-dishes later, we can confirm that this first practical piece was a success!

Much more important than the actual growing of the champis is the second part of the experiment, which sees the used substrate being spread across vegetable fields as a natural fertilizer. We continue to monitor this part of the project and are looking forward to the first results in this respect.

Eric Pinto FigueroaComment