Co-creating the Swiss Circular Economy transition

As a sustainable entrepreneur in the local community of Canton Vaud, our co-founder Eric had the honour to be selected as one of the co-creators for the first U-LAB of the Suisse Romande this fall.

This social lab was using a holistic approach to tackle global challenges at a local level by bringing together essential stakeholders from the local society, industry, government, and academia with the aim to co-create sustainable solutions.

This first U-Lab had a focus on proposing local circular solutions for canton Vaud, and Terrabiom with it’s vision to support agriculture to get back towards working with nature’s cycles was a perfect fit for this lab. Here, we participated in different activities including: U-theory, mindfulness meditation, art workshops and a weekend retreat.

Together with seven motivated co-creators, we worked on the magic mushroom project which identified the problem of soil degradation/quality and a potential solution of using mushroom waste

It was an excellent way to test some hypotheses and identify the real needs of local farmers. In particular, we discovered that:

  • Organic and permaculture farmers are using diverse solutions that require attention and support.

  • There is a lack of information for anyone outside of the industry about these “alternative" solutions

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) is gaining ground within agriculture

  • Public administration and political representatives are aware that soil will be an essential topic.

We thank the organizers for putting together this social lab and are looking forward to many fruitful solutions coming out of it!