Have a wonderful holiday season

As our 2018 is slowly but surely drawing to an end, our hearts are full from an incredible year with so many milestones achieved, amazing and inspirational people we’ve been able to connect with, and more than anything: Seeing our vision of “cultivating a healthy planet” slowly but surely taking shape .

2018 was a huge year for us.

  • Building on the impact and drive we received through the UNIL-Accelerator programme in the second half of 2017, we were able to go from a beautiful vision to signing our first big client and partner early on this year, and it’s been a fantastic adventure since.

  • Our team doubled in size from 1 to 2 change-makers, allowing for double the ideas, double the energy, and double the perspectives since March

  • We were recognized with the “Premagyan medal” at the GoodFestival in Lausanne in April, a unique festival celebrating ideas which are changing the world to the better on an international scale

  • Christa learnt lots of important points about Social Entrepreneurship and Impact measurement, which she’s able to implement first-hand with terrabiom. She also met some incredible social entrepreneurs at the Innosuisse Start-Up training at EPFL in September

  • We grew our first Champis (mushrooms) in October, taking our project a huge step forward ! We’re also glad to report that they taste amazing (even after more than a week of Champi-dishes only) and helped us boost our energy for the last quarter of the year

  • Eric was selected to participate in the first-ever Circular Resources Lab as one of 22 regional change-makers throughout the fall 2018. This was an incredible opportunity to build the next steps in the transition towards a more sustainable way of living and a circular economy for the whole Arc Lémanique region in collaboration with stakeholders from the government, the industry, the academia, and the civic society (details to come, the programme just finished earlier in December and we’re still digesting!)

… And we’ve already got some big news in store for early 2019!

At terrabiom, we always put community first, and at this point, we would like to send a big thank you to our wonderful people who have been part on our young journey. We’re living in a time where many used-to-be-self-evident “givens” of the past are changing at rapid speeds, and everything seems to be at stake for the future of our planet and us humans. We can only tackle this huge challenge together - and we are very hopeful, as there are a lot of brilliant minds and projects amongst us.

THANK YOU for standing up for sustainability!

And now, we are packing our bags to head up to the mountains for a white Christmas in beautiful Grisons-Switzerland and spend some time offline to charge our batteries for a big 2019. We wish you a beautiful holiday season and the best start into 2019.