Cultivating a sustainable and healthy planet

Terrabiom uses microbes and mushrooms to valorize agricultural waste  into high-quality fertilizer, functional food, and other nature-based products. By combining the use of microbial resources with agriculture, we offer various opportunities for a profitable and sustainable agribusiness.

Our way is simple: We follow the rules of nature.

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We partner with nature and communities to bring local solutions to our global societies' challenges

It is our mission to cultivate sustainable solutions for 21st century societal issues through using natural organisms. Terrabiom applies microbes and mushrooms to help farmers, agriculture and citizens tackling local organic waste and environmental pollution challenges.

We focus on identifying integral and respectful products and services. Our approach is based both on our partners' needs, as well as on their surrounding natural and societal communities.

By following nature's principles, we implement a circular economy approach. We apply regenerative solutions on a local scale to benefit the planet.