Creating a Soil Regenerative Farming System

Terrabiom’s vision is a planet in which humans produce food while respecting nature.

We see a world where:

  • the whole supply chain of resources coming out of nature’s soils is fully sustainable and contributing to a regeneration of our ecosystems

  • all steps along the chain are clear and transparent. This goes literally from the soil, to the grain to the plate - through farmers, processors, transporters, retailers, governments, and you and me: the final customer

  • People regularly spend time out in nature and are in touch with our soils. This is not only essential to understand it’s importance and it’s value, but it has an extra bonus contribution to human health



We make visible the life of your soil

We focus on collaboration, innovation, and efficiency - whilst not neglecting ancient knowledge, which has evolved with humanity over millenia of cultivating our planet. Our main expertise lies in microbes, the living parts of soil, whose communities are essential to our very existence (or may be destructive, depending on the conditions available)

We support the key actors involved with soil to understand

  • SOIL HEALTH - how their soils are doing

  • what is going well, and more importantly, what may not go well

  • what they can do in order to better what is not ideal

In short, we cultivate sustainable solutions for 21st century societal issues through visualizing and applying natural organisms and their interactions. Terrabiom applies microbes and mushrooms to help farmers, governments and citizens tackling environmental pollution and local organic waste challenges.

By following nature's principles, we implement a circular economy approach. We apply regenerative solutions on a local scale to benefit the planet.