What We Do

We use monitoring technologies and big-data to map and analyse the living components present in soils to:

  • Detect pathogens early

    Preventing and mitigating the loss of crops

  • Precision Soil farming

    Reducing costs in agrochemicals and pesticides

  • Develop local biostimulants

    Increasing crop yields and soil health


Living soil analysis

Our soils can be analysed in different ways. We focus on the biological dimension, the living beings inside our soils, which have a strong influence on both the physical and chemical composition of soil.

Our services starts with an in-depth discussion about needs and use of our clients and allows us to take exactly the samples needed. Based on the extracted data, we can then describe the current status of your soil and presence of soil pathogens. This is the base to work together to improve your soil’s health.

Source: https://naturalsciences.ch/

Source: https://naturalsciences.ch/

Putting microbes on the map

Spatial patterns can tell us a lot about the biological health of a farming area. At local scale, they can be useful to predict future stability, fertility, and development of the land. If applied at a larger scale, they can support soil conservation decisions and agriculture planning for local, regional, and national governments.


Natural biostimulants

We are what we eat - literally. The chemical pesticides and fertilisers change the soil-composition of our farmers’ fields. These effects are very negative beyond the chemical composition of the soil.

To propose an alternative to this harmful system, we are are working with partners to provide you with natural and circular biostimulants which allow farmers to reduce their “agricultural waste” into high-quality, regenerative biostimulants. Those are the ideal matter to use right back on their farm or share with their local community.