What We Do

our circular approach

In nature, there is no waste. The “dead” leaf falling off the tree serves as shelter for various species, for isolation of the ground, as well as a base of nutrients which can be made available again through natural transormation processes.

terrabiom uses microbes and mushrooms to valorize agricultural waste into functional food, nutraceuticals and other nature-based products. By combining the use of microbial resources with agriculture, we offer various opportunities for a profitable and sustainable agribusiness.

Our way is simple: We follow the rules of nature.


high-quality fertilizer

We are what we eat - liturally. The synthethic pestizides and fertilizers our mass-production agriculture is based upon are not only supplying precious nutrients to the plants which later become our food, but they also change the soil-composition of our farmers’ fields (and well beyond) on a large scale. A lot of these effects are very negative well beyond the chemical composition of the soil.

By putting microbes and fungi to work, we have developed a natural and circular process which allows farmers to transfer their agricultural waste into high-quality fertilizer.

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functional food

Western diets and the agricultural practices which they are based upon have been changing our environment and soils in a dramatic way since the 1940s. A globalised food industry is causing a huge environmental footprint on our planet, and in particular the meat industry is consuming a lot of valuable resources.

If we want to feed 10 billion people sustainably by 2050 - that will be our population estimated on current growth rates - we will have to change our ways drastically.

We know that mushrooms will play a huge role in this food transition in the upcoming years.

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Microbes and bacteria play a key role for our health. They are indispensable for many processes which make our life on planet Earth possible. They also play a key role inside our bodies (for example for our digestion).

We focus on working with farmers to bring healthy microbes to the people, so we can all profit from this natural strong medicinal power.

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